Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve: Part 1

Entering the New Year we must remember to be free. To not let any opportunities pass us by if we really want them enough. To take what we want but be considerate of how it will effect the long term for everybody. We must remember this year and reflect on the things we have done and leave 2014 with no regrets, to regard all as important into shaping us into who we are in the next year. We must think of how we will tackle this year head on, no fear to be truly the people we want to be. 
Be free to love, to feel pain, to be sad, to be spilling over with happiness. I would say spirit but we know our spirit is composed of these things. Spirit is too broad a definition, to gross a generalization. We must look into ourselves to find who we really are, and we must embrace ourselves and our friends with all of our idiocincracies. 
Be freeee (yes, like you are at the top of a mountain screaming it at the top of your lungs until you feel the full catharsis) 

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